Health and Wellness

Hello Readers! I know it’s been a long, long while. I’d like to start documenting my journey to health and wellness. For as long as I can remember I have felt overweight but I didn’t realize I could actually do anything about it. I just thought I was big boned.

I was able to lose some weight in college doing Weight Watchers but I’ve joined WW probably ten times over the past 15 years and I never actually make it to my goal weight.

In my early twenties a dear friend asked me if I wanted to train for a 4 miler. I laughed and said there is no way I could do that. She said I could and I tried. I finished that and several other races. I am not fast and my high school gym teacher laughed at me when I ran a mile around the track. But, I finished several 5ks, 4 milers, and even a 10 miler. 10 years later and several gyms later, I’m training with my hubby for a Spartan Sprint.

Here are some photos from the past two years where I remember feeling really big. That’s a terrible feeling.


If I can turn my eating habits and exercise regimen around, I think anyone can. I am the person who played an hour of tennis and then ate a half gallon of ice cream thinking I deserved it. I now know that a half gallon of ice cream is going to negate any work I do at the gym…and probably a week’s worth of work.

I thought it would be neat to document my journey to a healthy lifestyle here. I still knit, just rarely. My life is about dog walking, making dinner (including grass fed and free range meat) for my husband, gardening, and traveling to see family.

Here are some photos of us now. We exercise 3-5 times per week. We eat so much better than one year ago. No more cookies. No more whining and sleeping in. No more chinese food (we didn’t do this often but Joe actually gained several pounds eating chinese food)


The people in my life who made me change: Hoo’s Well. Being around these people really make you think about health all day every day.

More later about my Whole Living from the Ground Up at Forrest Green Farm. It is going to be an amazing class and it’s on a farm in Louisa. There are cows and a donkey and four great pyrenees.


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