The Incredible Heathcliff

It’s been a crazy year! My dear sweet Gansey had Bilateral TPLO on Halloween (aka both of her knees “done”) and then Heathcliff the cat managed to get injured on December 17th. I still don’t really know what happened  but he was acting really strangely and wouldn’t let me touch his tail area. I was not aware that his tail bone had been severed! After a fast trip to the emergency vet (shout out to Charlottesville Emergency Vets) it was clear that his tail was not connected to his body by any bone, just the skin around it, and that he may have been paralyzed. Having to leave him there overnight was horrible. I thought he might die. But, amazingly over the next few weeks, he got better and it really just showed me that cats are survivors.

His tail was amputated and over the next 8 months I ordered wee wee pads in bulk from because he couldn’t really control his pee muscles. He would pee in his sleep and, as we all know, cats sleep like 20 hours per day. Now, almost one year later, he’s doing great. We still have pee accidents but we have learned to manage them and the wee wee pads aren’t being used up as fast. He is still a crazy boy who demands to be outside a few hours a day but I mostly keep an eye on him and his little pee trail.

After the recovery, I made posters and bought mini heath bars for all the staff at Georgetown Vet and the emergency vet who worked so hard to save this crazy boy.



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