Six mois de silence

I haven’t blogged for six months. I just needed a break. I lost my knitting mojo for a little while but now it’s back with a vengeance so I need to blog and show you what I’ve made and what I’m making.

Stripe Study

Stripe study

Custom Stocking for a DC Police Officer


I drew up a few ideas and we settled on this one. (I wrote MCPD on there because of Miles! I was corrected thankfully)



In dramatic news, my sweet dog Gansey had bilateral TPLO (aka knee surgery on both knees) on Halloween.


She is doing great and the vets have all been wonderful to us. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind with lots of stress and tears but also lots of progress and triumphs. She has just voluntarily started going upstairs at night. I slept on the living room floor for two months because I couldn’t leave her alone.

Then, like clockwork, as soon as Gansey started to do great, Heathcliff the cat had an accident. He’s also doing great but he’s not fully recovered yet. We had to amputate his tail and now we are still helping him with potty functions. But, he’s his lovable snuggly self so I know this will get better.


Notice his little tail stump.


It’s been crazy. I leave for Monday for Nashville and hopefully will get some good sleep knowing my pets are in good hands. I will be back soon to blog about some other current projects.


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