Gansey, Queen of the Amazons

Kobe is Brookie and Miles’ brother (dog) who needed to live on a farm instead of Northern Virginia. It was really sad but we are all so happy that he has lots of land and two new brothers, Simon and Bruce, to hang out with. We are so thankful to his newly adopted parents. This is a happy photo, but I miss the big guy. He is the one in the middle!


The garden is really sprouting.



Here is Gansey and her boyfriend, Wally.


Wally’s parents call Gansey his Amazonian Girlfriend. I just listened to a BBC podcast the other night on the Amazons. I was not aware that the Amazon river was named after these women warriors because the conquistadors supposedly saw women warriors there.


This is an image from a video game version of Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons, but I think it gives you the idea better than the actual Greek art.

Here is the knitted heart so far! I’m having fun with this.

pulmonary veins


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