apartment therapy


I’m sure you have noticed that I talk a lot about my house on here. I love my house. It’s my safe haven and craft central. Every room has some project in it that I’m proud of. But, there are some things that stress me out about my home and it’s time to take control of it.

I heard about this book on a blog and I knew it was what I needed. It’s an 8 week program to getting your home in the condition you want it in in order to be happy and relaxed in it. I think a tendancy towards hoarding is in my dna. As a kid, my room was always the one that was a wreck. I remember having my friends come over to organize it. They would tell me where to put things and how to make my closet more functional. Within a week, it was all a mess again.

There are different levels of dysfunction in this book (based on short question and answer sections) and it’s clear that I love my house and it does what I need, but it needs to have less stuff in it. One question is “Describe your home in 3 words.” I wrote “Cold, cluttered, old.” It’s difficult to have a cold house. I’m looking into solutions for this. By old, I mean dated. I’ve made a lot of progress but let’s not even discuss the guest bathroom.

Also, I need to stop distracting myself with DIY projects which bring more into the house and just spend time doing a deep clean.

Week 1: Deep Treatment
-make a complete list of repairs and solutions using spreadsheet
-vacuum and mop the floors
-remove 1 item (this will be at least 1 box of books)
-buy fresh flowers
-sit for ten minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in
-look into earth-friendly cleaning products

In crafty news, I finished this for Audrey.



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