Mom’s sweater and WW


Radial is inching its way towards the completed projects list. I love the yarn! Dream in Color.

I’m also back in WW. Eating sweets over the holidays and every other day really isn’t good for me. I’ve cut out most sugar and I’m down 1.6 lbs this week. I’ve also cut out most bread. It’s not fun but articles like this make me keep trying. This is the CEO of weight watchers talking about how he lost 40 pounds when he started working for the company and he has kept it off. I think it’s inspiring. We really do need to change our entire environments in order to avoid the foods that are so delicious but so bad for us.

Here is my day so far.


Tonight I have class. This week’s subject: BLOOD!


One thought on “Mom’s sweater and WW

  1. Love my sweater! Maybe the secret to losing weight is go to work for WW and be shamed into being thin! Betcha he balloons when he leaves the company! I’m just jealous actually.

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