Kitchen Garden Plans


We had some 60 degree weather a few weeks ago and I started planning out the backyard garden for 2013. I thought “gosh, i just need to find a website that can tell me exactly what to do if I want to plant a, b, c, d, and e plants in this climate.” Well, I found one and it’s actually part of a local business.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has a Garden Planner on their website that has a 30 day trial period before you commit to spending $25/year. Really?! $25/year? This might be worth $25/month.

This is my published page on the Garden Planner site.

As you can see above, I have diagrammed my entire back yard with something like 30 plants. I have a lot of seeds leftover from last year but I’m definitely going to have to invest a litte bit of money into this plan. I think the majority will definitely be spent on compost. I’m going to limit the budget to $200.

Compost/soil mix: est $120
2 2×4 raised beds: est $30
hoop houses out of pvc pipe (not sure what to do with these right now): est $20
seeds: $30

Also, look how awesome this blog is. Great garden design! Are all of us knitter/gardeners alike? Maybe we are all ESTJs.

This is a good post about raised bed construction.

This weekend is about studying, knitting, moving the dog house to prep for the garden, making sushi for my friends who are moving the dog house, and studying some more.


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