Amelie Poulain

When I was in France my junior year of college, there were posters up on every street corner for a movie called Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain. This was the poster.


For some reason I thought it was a horror movie, probably because of her creepy white face here.

But, when I returned to the states and back to my family and friends (yes, it was a lonely time for me!) I saw the movie and it was just amazingly beautiful. It’s about this woman who has created this world for herself in Paris which can be scary and sad and hard to handle. I sympathized! I mean gosh, even Charlottesville can be that way. But, she just figured out how to manage life and have a good time and not get overwhelmed with sadness.

My bedroom will always have the bed in the center and the two bedside tables with lamps because of this scene.


And this scene of her skipping rocks makes me think that you always have to try to enjoy the little things.


Really, it’s too bad I didn’t knit when I was in Paris because I would have gone crazy making things. I probably would have been happier too. What I did do was read. Everything and anything. I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and tons of mountain climbing books and basically anything I could get my hands on in English because I was so sick of speaking French.

There is a new pattern out that I love and the model looks just like Amelie to me.

popspots popspots2


Here is the pattern. I must knit it.


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