The Bedroom Makeover, Part 20


This weekend I embarked on painting the chair rail that I was so proud of myself for putting up. Sadly, caulking is not one of my fortes. This photo is from my phone so you can see the paint, the chair rail painted, and the door that needs to be painted.

Here is the up close problem…


Lovely. So, now I need to touch up the blue paint above the chair rail. Then after that, I must paint the rest of the trim, doors, and windows.

I am sick of my home being in a costant state of dissaray. It’s not dirty, it just always looks like I’m moving. I have projects in every room. This is why I’m on the organization kick. I just want my house to look like Alicia Paulson’s. I know that’s a lot to wish for, and I don’t have any sort of budget and won’t be buying any furniture or anything. My main goal is to get rid of things that I don’t need. Yesterday, I met up with a woman who does charity knitting and gave her 2 trash bags full of yarn that people had given me over the years when they didn’t want it anymore. Needless to say, that woman is very happy.


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