I have been studying…a lot

I’m sorry for not having posted in a long while. I am not sure if I’ve talked about this but I am currently taking classes in preparation for applying for nursing school. This past summer I completed Biology 101 and Statistics and now I’m taking Anatomy and Physiology. It’s hard. I’m doing a lot of studying of this.


This is a model of the spinal cord and the nerves coming out of it. We have 31 pairs of nerves coming from our spinal cord!


This is an actual vertebra. The different colors all have different names. I constantly wonder why every part of every bone needs its own name.


Here is a model of the entire vertebral column and pelvis. Pretty neat, right?


Here is a diagram of nerves of the body. I have to tell you that nerves are pretty amazing to see on a cadaver. Of course I don’t have pictures of that but I never knew that a nerve was actually like a big piece of pasta going from your spinal cord or brain to your foot! It’s amazing!

Now that I am done with 2 tests (93% on one, still waiting on the other one) I feel like my life is my own again. No more waking up at 5:30am to study…well, until the next week before tests. I’m thinking about knitting and relaxing now. I have several projects to get done. Big news is that I have accepted a new job so when I leave this one I will be giving a few little amigurumis. Since those guys don’t read this blog, I will show you what the plan is.

Cali loves hippos and he chose this one as a gift.

Eric has a batman figurine collection so he definitely needs this.

Walcott needs this.


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