It’s sweater time

I love the Fall. When the weather starts to get cold and football is in the news, I feel like knitting and cooking and cleaning and wearing big cabled sweaters and my bean boots.

I’m dreaming of sweaters right now so here are a few on my list.

Here is Gudrun’s Trefoil Cardigan. First of all, it has a fair isle yoke. Yum. Second of all, it has pockets. Third of all, the pockets are lined with another color.

It’s too cute and I must have it in my wardrobe. What colors should I use?

I’m also obsessed with Esteri by Tikru. The male version is incredible. Also, what dude at a cabin doesn’t need a huge cabled sweater to keep him warm? Come on!

I got Tosh Bulky in Baltic for this sweater but now I’m concerned that cables won’t be visible in it so I think that yarn will become a hoodie for my main man Miles.

OR I could make this with the bulky and make a gray cabled hoodie for the man.

But for the time being, finish Gardener Shawl #2 for KAL and then start Tappan Zee for Test Knit. Then, bring on the sweaters.


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