Bedroom makeover

My room was totally chaotic with yarn and books and dog toys and a terrible paint job from years ago. This weekend I started the makeover to this.


You can see that there is bead board attached to the walls (about 1 foot above the base board which is interesting) and since I don’t have a circular saw to cut bead board and since I wanted this project to be pretty doable with minimal help from anyone, I decided to just paint. I am still considering adding molding at the top of the white as an accent.

Here is the progress of one day painting.



Colors are white Valspar paint + primer in matte and Blue Whisper in Valspar paint + primer, flat. I have a few more hours of painting the blue and then I need to paint the ceiling. I’ve never painted a ceiling.

I found these for the shades.

I also just found the pattern for the quilt block. Now, to Cottonwood to find fabric and dive in.


5 thoughts on “Bedroom makeover

  1. I’m heading to C’ville in a few weeks for the Penn State/UVA game. Will give a random wave and pretend I am seeing you when I get into town. I love C’ville. Will stop at yarn shop in Culpeper before I arrive and then go downtown to the historic district and shop. Hubby is so good about this stuff…seriously. He always asks me if I want to stop at any yarn shops. Hopefully by next year this time I will have my own shop open in Central PA. So I guess I’d better get creative too!

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