Dr. Who Scarf

There was a crash knitting course last night at Bay 1 Studios in Charlottesville, VA for the famous R Squared (Rob R.).

Rob happens to be a big Dr. Who fan and he knew to call DJ Woolen (me:) to learn how to knit this scarf for a lady friend.

The fourth Doctor wears this:





If you know me, you know I was incredibly excited about this crafty project. I knew I had tons of yarn in my stash that could go to very good use. This website actually gives the history of the scarf (and you can see from the photos above that there were actually a few different scarves after it went through some wear and tear and occasional stripe amputation). I personally love this chronology of the scarves.

Here is the yarn that I gathered from miscellaneous places in my house (note to self: make spare room craft room and organize all yarn).


And here is Rob doing a great job knitting!


And a cool shot of his awesome paint job and the big Bay 1 logo. Rock stars knit too!


Such good knitting form…


The pattern was made up by yours truly and it went something like 2″ brown, 6″ tan, 3″ brown, 2″ yellow…and you get the drift. We made it about 9″ wide and the plan is to make it 6′ long unless Rob can really knit like the wind.


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