Domestic Goddess

I told someone yesterday that I am a domestic goddess and then I thought “that sounds weird. just kidding.” he said “if you’re a domestic goddess, admit it.” So, I decided that yes, I’m a domestic goddess. I love Nigella who I think originally coined the phrase.

Now, I am not my SIL, an award winning housekeeper, but I love to putter around the house and back yard doing things here and there to contribute to my home being an organized, happy space, filled with color, art, and good food.

Yesterday’s slightly medium sized project (not exactly big, but not little) was harvesting the beets and pickling them for salads for the rest of the year.

Heathcliff helped me with the harvesting.


After removing the greens (which, sadly, were a bit too far gone to eat) and washing, I had about 1.5 pounds of beets. Many of them were really tiny so next year I know to not plant them so close to each other.


I followed this youtube tutorial and ended up with two mason jars of sliced beets with apple cider vinegar, water, peppercorns, salt, bay leaves, and a pinch of sugar. In three days they will be pickled.


The garden is now looking a bit sad without the beets and the kale. I have to get started on the Fall planting. The good news is that the tomatoes seem to be sprouting. 14 tomato plants and currently I think I have about 6 tomatoes! Not a good statistic there.


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