Knit like the wind

I’m Racing to finish Rocky Coast because my special order of Madelinetosh from Whitknits came in and it’s heavenly. The colors are amazing and I can’t wait to swatch. BUT I must finish Rocky Coast before that so I don’t get accused of having knitting ADD.

Here is sleeve 1…


Also, the garden is amazing. Thanks to the Internet, I’m figuring out when to start harvesting. Let’s just say I will be pickling beets. Anyone interested in beets? How about kale? The lettuce and the Swiss chard are looking a bit better but not as good as the beets and kale.

Tomatoes go in today!! Marinara here we come:)



I’ve been wearing my glasses daily to try to avoid headaches. So far, so good. Someone said I look like ‘a nerdy Tina Fey type’ which I took as a major compliment (and he meant it as a major compliment).



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