It’s Friday. Enough said.

I think these Fruity Pot Holders would accent my kitchen well.



















I also think this top would be really cool in the Summer heat.
























Here is a great post on a woman who knits ganseys in the traditional way in Scotland.










I’m also on a shawl kick thanks to @whitknits amazing new design that will be published soon. I think I’ll make Cladonia by Kristen Kapur.















Or maybe I will dive into this massive shawl by Veera.

Either way, I’ll be using TML from because they just got a shipment in of EVERY SINGLE COLOR.

In honor of the Spring, I am going to destash some books and yarn. Anyone want to come shop in the yarnmoire? I have more knitting books than I could ever use in ten lifetimes.








4 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. I will get a list together this weekend! I’m seriously thinking I will have at least 20 books and some yarn as well. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?

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