Visit to the welders

Do you remember when I was talking about making my own long double pointed needles from wire at Lowe’s? Well, that definitely did not work, but Nancy told me about the local welding shop so I decided to stop in and I’m in love. Don’t worry Mother, not with a strapping young lad, but with another cool crafty place.

I’m doing a test knit for Nancy and I needed to find some blocking wires to stretch the shawl into shape. More on the shawl soon. It’s gorgeous!

This is Quality Welding


I took in a knitting needle and asked if they could make me long needles with points on each end. I also had my needle gauge owl with me and I asked for a diameter that fit in the US3 slot. I was totally prepared to give this gentleman the history of knitting with “wires” but he didn’t seem too fascinated. In the end, I ordered 7 needles at 14 inches with points on each end in stainless steel. I’m hoping this will cost less than $10 and if so, I might be partnering with them to start a business. (not really, but this is how my brain works…always thinking of new ideas…it’s exhausting yet fun).

Look at this incredible picture I found on the Shetland Museum website.

That little girl is probably 4 and she is knitting a sweater on long double pointed needles. When I was 4 I was not that productive and/or useful. This was taken between 1939 and 1946. Adorable!

(Actually, I think there is a slight chance that this was a posed photo with someone else’s knitting, but maybe not!)

As for the blocking wires, I got a 1 lb pack of TIG wire from a place called Robert’s Oxygen and I’ll use that for blocking.


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