I wake up once per night EVERY NIGHT and some nights I don’t go back to sleep because I’m afraid I’ll sleep late. You know that 2nd sleep coma you can go into and then you wake up late and are frantic? Yeah, trying to avoid that. This morning’s wake up time was 3:15 AM and I might have gotten ten minutes more of sleep before needing to get up, get ready, and take my little man, A, to school by 7:45. A is my video game and movie loving 10 year old bff, son of my good friends.

Hopefully I will make it until at least the 3rd period of the Caps game tonight. Braden Holtby is my new pretend boyfriend.He’s the goalie and you can’t tell how adorable he is until he takes off his helmet. Dreamy.









I have a few garden photos from this morning. I need some assistance identifying this. It’s getting huge and it’s right up against the raised bed. Can I transplant this to hide more of the AC unit?

The kale is still growing like the wind. We’ve had so much rain that the garden is now a huge pile of green leafy veggies.


Here are the beets.


Here’s the entire garden. The lettuce is still pretty sad.


My pallet table is still in the planning phase. Breaking apart pallets is way harder than I anticipated. Wood that splits, old nails, etc. Here is the current plan.

Table B

Then I’ll borrow hottie construction dude’s hole saw to make holes for inset terracotta pots with stepables in them.


Typically, this project is costing more money and taking way more time than I originally anticipated but hopefully in the end I’ll have a nice $50 table!

pallets: free
3 table legs+ some scrap wood from habitat store: $17
plants and pots from southern states: $27
still need 1 more table leg

And here is a cute picture of Ganz from last night…



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