S.O.S Color advice needed!

Please leave a comment with what colors would look best on me. I numbered each color for easy identifying!


6 thoughts on “S.O.S Color advice needed!

  1. It’s really hard to tell. I think #5 might look really good on you. If you have all these colors, why don’t we look at them the next time OK Knitters get together?

  2. 1, 2, 3, (4, 5, 7). The picture has lots of yellow light on you, which makes this difficult to imagine some of these colors. (pink, blues, chartreuse). Either of those blues could look really nice. But I am thinking that you are a fall color palette, and that you should steer away from cool colors like gray, pink, and blue, and give browns and reds a try. Maybe I’m just nuts, though! 🙂

    Obviously the more variegated green color is not going to let a textured pattern shine as much as a more solid color…

    Now let’s talk sweater shaping on you. I want to encourage you to make “sweater girl” type sweaters for your hottie shapely body, rather than boxy or quirky sweaters (for the record, I’ve made plenty of those too).

  3. I agree with Shana, the photo is making it hard to see your real coloring. With your pale Irish complexion, some of the pastels might make you look washed out, so I think I like all but 5,6 & 8, though a richer pink could be OK.

  4. Oh my, beautiful colors. These look fabulous, but I agree with above comments on the lighting of the photo. Looking back in the archives though, I think 3 or 7 would look wonderful on you. I think you need a bright jewel-tone green or red. A purer blue would work as well I think.

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