Slacker blogger

I just wrote a post that got lost in internet limbo. I hate that. So, long story short…Not feeling great recently. Emotionally drained from work. Trying to do things that make me really happy in non-work time. So, list o’ happy things!

1. The east coast’s expert on historic plants (who happens to be one of my best friends) helped me plant my first garden. It’s totally awesome.

before picture (removing winter weeds and old plants)

seed lesson

after picture

Planted: butter crunch and red butter head lettuce, detroit dark red and dolce do chiogga beets, vates and lecinato rainbow kale, and swiss chard. Rows separated by a stone and a path of pine needles so when picking I dont disturb soil. Did you know that Jefferson said to plant a thimble full of lettuce every monday? These are the kinds of facts you learn when you hang out with Jefferson historians. I also love that he used a thimble.

2. I’m almost done with Minoan. Ran out of one color so had to order a skein from Jimmy Beans but it was a Onesie (skein with some error- yardage or colorway). The incredible thing is that I had coupons so it was $8.50 total. The not so great thing is that the color is not perfect but since it’s stripes it shouldn’t matter much. Will post pictures as soon as it’s done which should be tonight.

3. My HOA is contemplating allowing me to build a small shed. This would be wonderful for storage of fleeces and garden tools.

4. Miles is the most perfect human being in the universe.


2 thoughts on “Slacker blogger

  1. I had no idea you had such a cool garden going on in the back yard! And major awwwww factor with that photo of Miles!

  2. Love the whole post of positive things…Miles is my favorite! He is so cute and just looking at his face makes me smile. Your garden sounds wonderful. I will patiently await photos of the growth. Have a great weekend!

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