Dress Fitting #1

Too short! It’s OK, I’d rather fix it now than not be able to wear it because it’s obscene.

I will rip out 4 rows of colorwork and then about 14 rows of stockinette. Then, I’ll remove the sleeves (that were already knitted up and just had to be joined in with the body stitches, so no big deal there), and then I’ll add 2 inches to the body.

Also, I’m thinking of starting the color work with the pink instead of the yellow. For some reason, knitting this at 5:30 AM because I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking “these are JMU colors.” Composition Book Gray has a purple hue. I don’t want to look like a JMU mascot.

Here is the chart I’m using with the gray and the pink added but this is way too tedious to fill in. I need some markers…



3 thoughts on “Dress Fitting #1

  1. OH No!!! You are taking this news really well. . . .better than I would! Is there any way you can undo the cast-on row or even cut it in the middle and add rows there? I would agree to starting with the pink but ugh, 14 rows of stockinette?

  2. It’s not too short, unless you think when you block it somehow it would get shorter rather than longer. I’m guessing it will get longer when blocked, right?

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