Gnome painting: part 2

Make skin colored paint based on pale Irish skin of no one in particular. Paint all visible body parts of gnome.


Paint inside of mouth and tongue by making wild guesses with color. Reflect on how you never have once thought about the color of the inside of a mouth.


Oh, and you will have painted the gnome pants by now as well. Sorry, missed that photo. And the gun, even though you don’t like guns.

Let it dry and prepare for second coat of a few areas. Think about how to remove gun from gnome’s hand and replace with knitting needles.


2 thoughts on “Gnome painting: part 2

  1. Attach knitting needles to gun and call it a glue gun! Or place bandages over gun and hand and say he had an accident with a firecracker.

  2. I was going to suggest gluing the knitting needles on the gun – clearly a great idea. Also, could wrap ball of yarn around the pistol grip and the have the needles sticking out of it where the gun barrel is…..

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