Online Class with Rock + Purl

I signed up for this online class today called Grading with Rock + Purl. Basically, whenever there is a knitting class that I can take from my couch with a Wizards game on in the background and Microsoft Excel is one of the tools we use, I am SO THERE.

Online Class – Grading

One of the most daunting processes of being a designer is Grading.
Yes, with a capital G.

Sure, there’s measurements lists EVERYWHERE but how do we really apply it and put it into practice?

Perhaps you really don’t care much about designing, you just want a garment to FIT you, to your measurements and not the ones from the book/magazine/pattern?
How do you keep track of all those numbers? How do I make sense of 1/8 of an inch? Why “every RS row”? Why “at the same time”!?

My Grading Class for Excel (PC) and Numbers (Mac) can help you!

Wanna sign up already? Here you go….

£75 one-time payment
3 monthly payments of £25

If you still need convincing… Read on!

Unleash your mathematical beast with my class and learn:

how to make that collarband a superbly symmetrical collar with a multiple of 25 sts + 2, (just one example!)
how to decrease evenly,
ways of keeping track of multiple sizes in a multi-piece garment,
Excel and Numbers functions to rock your brain out of control,
the responsibility as a designer to grade,

and lots more!!!

Before being a knitwear designer, I worked as a Trading Exec and Business Analyst for over 6 years, and Excel became my best friend. Once I sussed out the measurements of the human body, I realized I could make my grading faster and more efficient with the use of Excel functions, and SO CAN YOU.

Within the topics we’ll discuss basic before-knitting grading, details to add to your style sheet to communicate better with your technical editor, Excel/Numbers formulation to make your life easier and much much more!

The first batch of students will start their learning adventure on April 27th 2012 – will it be you?

YES! It will be me!!! I want to pick your brains like a rabid zombie!

£75 one-time payment
3 monthly payments of £25

Sign up for the low one-time-only-gone-when-sold-out introductory price! As you can see, I offer a direct one-lump sum option as well as a 3-payment option, so it’s easy as pie. Think about it, a small classroom of like-minded people, wanting to learn the steps to become better at their passion. Can’t get any better.

What will you need to get the most out of this class?

A design or concept for a garment that you want to grade OR a current design or garment you want to improve the numbers for
A PC with Excel (I use 2010 but most functions are cross-version) OR a Mac computer / iPad with Numbers (I use iPad2 with the most updated Numbers version)
An internet connection on Friday evenings (when classes will be posted)
5 weekends to read and do homework, plus one final Question and Answer session to wrap-up the acquired knowledge
2/3h per week to dedicate to homework and experimenting (that’s the bare minimum) plus some time to read on queries and responses to other students.

More details?

The class will be in online-forum mode with PDF attachments and visual aids, the ability to comment and share ideas with your fellow students
Student numbers are very limited in the first intake – I want this to be an intimate learning environment where attention and care is paid to each student
The class will not discuss the ins and outs of pattern writing or fitting, as we dedicate most of the time to the calculations, use of applications and adjustments required for fitting to the measurements the designer chooses
Class will begin on the last weekend of April and will run for 6 weeks, with 5 days of lessons (Apr 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25) and one (June 1) of Q&A.

Let’s get started, shall we?

£75 one-time payment
3 monthly payments of £25

The small print –
This rock+purl class and all its provided materials are the intellectual property of Ruth Garcia-Alcantud and are prohibited from being copied and distributed without written consent. During the class, students may wish to share problems with designs that are copyrighted to themselves or another designer – in this case the copyright is retained by its original holder. Any cases put forward by the students will be treated as confidential within the group – many designers have confidentiality clauses attached to some designs in process and I would like for all students to respect this small environment and do not distribute details or comment on them outside the classroom area.


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