This word is used in the knitting/craft world and it means whatever you have hoarded as crafty supplies. Some people go really far with this because, let’s be honest, buying supplies is really fun. Sometimes I think it’s more fun to buy yarn in anticipation for a project than to actually make the project itself. I also like spending money, and that is something I’m working on not doing as much of recently.

In the craft world, we use the term “de-stash” when we want to unload some of our crafty supplies. Most of us have the intention of immediately spending whatever money we get to then get more supplies. This past weekend I de-stashed $105 worth of spinning accessories and 1 book. Now I have a little paypal savings account for patterns and other items I might decide I desperately need. (I also realized that the word de-stash could also mean getting one’s upper lip waxed which made me chuckle.)

On Sunday I spent a seriously large portion of the day entering my yarn stash in Ravelry. This is difficult to say but I have 42 yarns stashed and 14 for sale or trade. This doesn’t mean skeins. This means type of yarn. Out of those 42 yarns, I might have 200 skeins.

This is a portion of my stash display on Ravelry.

My yarn-moire is pretty organized but sometimes when I’m excited about a project, I don’t remember exactly what I have. Now, I can literally “go shopping” via my stash in Ravelry. Oh, and how did the photos get so pretty and clear? Well…

I made a light box following this tutorial.

It was really fun to make and it cost me about $43. If I hadn’t given the lights I bought a few years ago to WJ it would have only cost me about $20. Nice.

And now I have pretty yarn photos like this.


So, the moral of this blog post is that in 2012 I’m going to make a serious dent in this yarn stash which will result in me saving $$ and not being a yarn hoarder.

More about Scandinavian knitwear soon…


4 thoughts on “Stash

  1. Where are you going to keep the light box? On top of your spinning wheel? I know, don’t rent out the other room.

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