Etsy, to do or not to do

I’m toying with the thought of making Christmas Stockings and selling them on etsy for between $60 and $75 each. My experience in the retail world is that people will always spend money on 1. babies and 2. pets. Do you think if I made custom stockings that I would get some sales?

Here are the stockings I have on my mantel that I love.


I could also do some themed ones like a “rock star” stocking and a sports stocking with hockey sticks and footballs and baseballs and a rainbow stocking with lots of fun non-Christmas colors.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Etsy, to do or not to do

  1. If you look at the cost of the yarn and the number of hours a stocking would take, would $60 to $75 be appropriate, or might it be too little? Would you really want to be doing these for less than minimum wage, or even for minimum wage? That’s what usually stops me when I think about trying to make something to sell.

  2. People are a little ridiculous, so if it’s something that you are willing to consider a job and work at consistently… you can do it. I would probably work on other gift ideas through the course of the year and then post your stockings closer to the Christmas season. People aren’t usually on the lookout for next year’s stocking in the middle of March. Their mindset is Easter so pander to the crowd.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted it. Every time I give my sister a hand-made gift she says, Oh you should make these to sell, and I say I don’t want to “have to” make it. So, I agree with both comments above. Especially the idea that if you do this, it becomes work not a fun hobby. You either keep stock up in the etsy store, or deal with persnickety special orders, and then you’ve got to get it done on time. I’ve watched Wolle (Elisabeth) grow her etsy shop into a full time job, and it’s real work. Plus, you know from TNL that customers can be a PITA. After all that, if you still want to do it, then good for you. Make a plan, and go in with eyes open.

    Also, I definitely agree with various seasonal items not just stockings.

    1. Yeah, I am still very much on the fence and leaning towards not doing it. I’d really like to do something but publishing patterns sounds way better than actually knitting stuff. But, I do have to say that making Christmas stockings sounds fun and I have so much yarn at my house, maybe I could just do that and make some cash! That way I could build up an inventory of like 12 stockings over the year and start selling Nov 1.

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