Updates to Xmas Knitting Schedule of 2011

Miles’ hoodie, 60% complete


E’s mittens, 2 rows in


These are just for when I need a break from the hoodie

Debbie gave the Opinionated Knitters each one of these last night.


See the mini skeins in Redskins colors? This is so cute and a very bargain handmade gift. I love it.

She also gave this to me which I am still in shock about. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I am very thankful for the new friends I have made this year!

Updated list as of 12:35 PM, 9 days out…



3 thoughts on “Updates to Xmas Knitting Schedule of 2011

  1. I had a brainstorm! In anticipation of not finishing gift knits, you could make ornaments and include a mini-skein of the yarn that’s being used on the gift — and also make an ornament to contain the little extra yarn I always include with a gift knit (for repairs, etc.–maybe include a darning needle along with the miniature needles?) — and even the yarn label for that matter, or at least the washing instructions, and slip the to/from tag into the ornament also! It could go on the outside of the gift in place of gift tag! Michael’s has clear plastic ornaments (deal of the day TODAY!) which I’m going to use for mailing or child recipients. . . . mind still racing . . .

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