Erica Wilson

I didn’t know who this person was when she was alive, but I will now be doing some research. Thanks to Andrea for sending me this obit. Her books sound incredible and it’s so neat that her television studio was next to Julia Child’s!

I love the last two sentences…

Besides her husband, whom she married in 1957, she is survived by two daughters, Vanessa Diserio, who runs the Nantucket shop, and Jessica Kagan Cushman, a jewelry and accessories designer; a son, Illya, an artist; and six grandchildren.

All of the above have grown skilled at holding their hands aloft for long periods, letting Ms. Wilson wind all the wool she needed in a single sitting.


2 thoughts on “Erica Wilson

  1. Oh I am so sad. I love Erica Wilson. You should track down the pictures of their Manhattan apartment. Crazy wallpaper, and elaborately embroidered fabric on Vladamir Kagan’s elegant modern furniture. An amazingly talented couple. She will be missed.

    1. It’s always sad when you realize how interesting someone is by reading his or her obituary! There is tons of her stuff on ebay. I will def look for those photos. I also will be buying your fair isle book! Flattered you came to my blog:)

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