Day off = home reno

Worked on my bathroom today. Removing wallpaper is kind of like knitting in that you get in the zone of focus and determination but on the other hand, it’s annoying and frustrating and takes super human strength to not dig into the sheet rock. I found myself cursing the inventors of wallpaper. They must have known we’d all be fumbling over its removal.





After 5 hours of wallpaper removal I relaxed with the pets. Dexter even snuggled on my lap.

Now, casting on commission project #2. Finished #1 last night. My right hand is sore from chipping away at the walls, literally, but I must fight through the pain. Will update you on Tgiving with the fam. Fibre Space in Alexandria is having a black friday sale at 6 am. I’m intrigued but not that intrigued. I don’t think…


One thought on “Day off = home reno

  1. Hi E,
    did you have a chance to try enough wheels at clothos? (I am just reading your email.) If you are coming to the Dec. meeting you are welcome to try mine. I tend to favor the castle style. TTFN, Rachel (of clothos)

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