Home from Russia Sweater/ Fall Outfits

This sweater is really hard to actually document with photos because it’s so massive. Not that my mother is massive, but the sweater is done in one piece from the outside in, so it just looks like a pile of gray yarn right now.


Here are the different stripes of texture (or “welts” as the pattern calls them) with no flash. This thing is going to need some major blocking.


Here is the diagram of the sweater that is slightly reminiscent of Microsoft Excel.


Really, this woman looooooooves this sweater (that she wrote an entire book about). But I do understand and appreciate the obsession. Lord knows I’ve been obsessed before with random things (spinning wheels, cars, sheds, shoes, yarn…)

Here is my Fall outfit #1 yesterday, with new boots!


And in order to wear my belt from Italia around my actual waist, I had to make another belt hole, which resulted in a hole in my finger, which resulted in a DRs appointment today. Not infected yet, but really, I could have done without an embroidery needle touching the bone in my pointer finger!

This is a bad angle, but a better shoe photo…


And I couldn’t help but take some pet photos since they refuse to be further than 2 feet away from me recently…



Also, I wore the kilt today. Fall has officially begun when E breaks out the kilt.

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