Montpelier and New Life Goal

Debbie and I went to the Montpelier Fiber Festival on Saturday and it was a success. Now, it was not Rhinebeck, but nothing even compares. This was a quaint and local opportunity to see hand knits and get a few things for the stash. See photos:


The weather was perfect. Nobody is interested in wool when it’s hot.


Angora bunnies for sale. I asked the person selling them if she gets sad to see them go. She said no. I’d be like “please don’t buy these. I love them.”


I love how this booth is set up by color way. Flying Goat Farm is very cool.



Note to self: go to Michaels and buy large vase to make this centerpiece.


These are called nesting balls for birds to get little pieces of fiber for their nests. I got one for Peggy. Also, we saw the bald eagle at Riverview the other night. Maybe it’s a sign.


Wolle’s Yarn Creations had such a beautiful booth. Congrats Elisabeth!



Another beautiful booth. Black Twig Farm.

Creepy cat yarn holder.


Knitted Items of Note:




And here I am with my goods: $75 flax wheel, $20 lamb trough for the Ganz in the car, $25 for 640 yards of sport weight alpaca for a cowl for Tess, and the $5 nesting ball.

And here is Debbie with her goods!


The new life goal is the following: I’m going to branch out at least once per week to do a social thing that is not currently in my routine. Healthy Food Club at Whole Foods sounds interesting. It’s time for me to find my shed builder.


6 thoughts on “Montpelier and New Life Goal

  1. Great post, except for who is that crazy person in the last photo??? She looks drunk on wool fumes.

    Another friend of mine (you might have met her on Saturday?) is starting a once a month knit night — interested? At her house, near mine, probably on Friday nights.

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