My fall fashion inspiration

I’ve been googling around looking for potential outfits to wear with either of these shoes.

But the more I think about what I would actually wear, the more I just want to stick with my danskos and jeans. I love these shoes, but maybe in my dream world of living in Edwardian England in a house called Downton Abbey. I think I would wear the ankle boots more but I’m worried they would look ridiculous with my normal black tights, skirt, cardigan look.

I generally find my inspiration from Rowan Magazines, Norah Gaughan, and the Twist Collective.

I like this look of gray cables with plaid skirt.

Here are 2 new 100% rain patterns and they are gorgeous. Link to her blog is on blogroll now.

I too am loving gray this season.

Here is the Norah Gaughan sweater I’ve shown you before.

Well, now I need to have a moment of silence for the 17 rows I just ripped out. I was able to save the first 3 rows plus the cast on, so that will save me an hour. What shoes should I get? Should I settle for some Toms?


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