I’m back

And here is my current project dubbed Russia Sweater.

This is row 1 of 561 stitches cast onto a 24″ needle. It’s slightly uncomfortable but I will start decreasing and it will get easier to keep all of those stitches on the needle.


This is marathon knitting. I need to have this done by October 8th when my mother flies to St. Petersburg. I have this vision of me meeting her at Dulles and seaming up the sleeves while her flight boards. Let’s try to avoid that. I actually made a lot of progress on this sweater this weekend. Football season means lots of knitting in my world.

My mom and aunt visited last weekend and we had a fun time at the deserted Frontier Culture Museum and hanging out with Miles.



This living history museum is adorable but it was empty. There could not have been 10 staff working there. It was odd. The best part was Sharman’s idea to rent a golf cart. This prevented sunburns and it shortened a 2.5 hour visit and long walk to about 1 hour.

And this is my living room with the swift and ball winder on the coffee table. I might as well keep it out and ready with the amount of knitting I will be doing this month.



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