embroidery: failed attempt #1

I started this kit last night:

But a Miss Marple movie (The Pale Horse) must have been distracting me as I embroidered the fabric in my hoop as well as the extra fabric at the back of the hoop together. Snip snip and start over. This is what I do with sewing. I start, get on a roll, and then suddenly realize I have made a really dumb mistake. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Also, am I the only knitter who probably has three pairs of size 8 addis but can’t fine one to finish the bottom of my sweater? Frustrating. And Ganz has a hot spot so I had to put the Elizabethan collar on her last night but it was too small so I taped it together with packing tape. I hope this hot spot gets better soon because I feel like such a jerk for putting her through this.

My phone takes horrible pictures.


3 thoughts on “embroidery: failed attempt #1

  1. I’m the same with sewing. My grandma reminded me during a sewing project years ago to “measure twice, cut once!” and I reminded her last week that my tendency is to measure once, cut twice… Must be the ADD.

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