The healing power of knitting

What is it about the repetitive  motion of knitting that puts my mind in a better state? Instead of obsessing about negative things, I obsess on stitch definition and the incredible growing form of a sock or a sweater.

Here is Shani by Nancy Whitman of Charlottesville, VA. Nancy runs Whitknits and has a great selection of yarn. She also designs gorgeous things like this. The Twist Collective chooses the best designers.



I’m not much of a sock knitter, but I’m going to buy this pattern and cast on ASAP.


2 thoughts on “The healing power of knitting

  1. love the socks, but I’d be afraid to wear them and wear them out! someone once told me that my crocheting was like rosary beads or worry beads, so I guess you’re just praying to the gods of yarn when you knit which is why it calms the mind

  2. Yay for Fall Twist Collective!!!

    Totally agreed about the calming nature of knitting.

    Andrea — So far my knitted socks have held up. I don’t wear them super often, but probably could.

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