5 things

I’m going to post things like this to keep my spirits positive in this baby boom among my friends and wedding boom among my younger brother’s friends. Sometimes it gets me down that I’m not quite there yet (but most times, like walking through airports and witnessing screaming babies and fighting couples, I am not down about not being there yet), but I really do love my life so I think I’ll talk a bit about that occasionally.

5 things I love about my life (not the only 5, but I don’t want to bore you to tears)

1. My adorable house with the great air conditioning, the bright blue kitchen wall, the raised bed out back, the dog beds, the corner pantries, the gas stove, and the yarn-moire. It felt so good to get home last night. Yes, it’s currently covered in dog hair, but that leads to #2.

2. My vacuum. I am looking forward to a weekend of vacuuming up the dog hair that could be spun into yarn (but won’t be).

3. The fact that my roommate tends to the garden and I then have lots of tomatoes and peas and lots of stuff on the way.

4. Being a pet mom. What would I do without these munchkins?

5. Reading. It’s such a luxury in my life and I need to make more time for it. It’s so nice to read and get lost in a CIA mystery or the settling of Maine or the history of Birth.




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