Food in Portland

I can’t manage to eat from a food cart. It doesn’t seem clean to me and I recently had a “dead bug in salad” incident, so if it even seems remotely dirty, I can’t eat there.

Also, eating at a place called The Dump Truck doesn’t sound appetizing.

Apparently they serve dumplings.

In a town that is known for good food, there are also tons of places that I am assuming are not good, so I am unsure about choosing anything. My walnut/beet veggie burger last night was OK but definitely not wonderful.

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a foodie. I clearly like food, but I am happy with a baguette and cheese for a meal. I don’t have the urge to experiment.


2 thoughts on “Food in Portland

  1. You are in one of the biggest west coast, artsy, hippie towns around. I’m sure those food carts have the same inspections and cleanliness standards from the health department as any restaurant. But that being said, you know I’m not an adventurous eater, so I’m not saying anything about your choices. Good luck.

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