Powell’s Books

Today was interesting. I walked to Knit Purl at lunch (review coming later) and during that half mile, I counted 14.5 homeless people (I was on the fence about one of them so I only counted him as .5). Seriously, wtf! I lived in PARIS, a city much larger and much dirtier, and Portland, Oregon takes the cake! Dave said ‘You get used to it. They are more vagrants than homeless. subtle difference.’ I guess a vagrant chooses to be homeless? Its a fine line.

I even got asked where the food was being served for tge homeless by a homeless man. Um, I dont live here, sir.

Also, I cannot make myself buy food from a cart. Its hip and trendy but looks so dirty to me and i had a dead insect incident the other day that I havenit recovered from.

So, I walked to Powell’s tonight because nothing lifts my spirits like a massive bookstore. I browsed the knitting, spinning and weaving, and textile sections and decided to ask if there were any Laurel Thatcher Ulrich books in stock (midwives tale) and look what I found for $7.50!


Wooooo hoooooo! Now I can revel in Nerd-dom at dinner at this brewery alone!


And they even have baseball on but its so far away that I cant see the score.


And here is my beet and walnut veggie burger with sweet potato fries.

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