Weekend productivity

Yesterday I went to Pat’s Dye Workshop in the morning and it was a very interesting overview, but I was overwhelmed and confused. Dyeing is such a major endeavor and I need Dyeing Wool for People with Adult Onset ADD. I’m sure that book does not exist, but it would be great if it did. I need a private tutor if I’m going to attempt to dye wool.

After that I hung out with Peggy and all the dogs for a little while and then returned home to a choice- take a noon nap or clean the entire house. Sometimes the thought of a nap is lovely but then the thought of waking up from a nap feeling like the biggest slacker this side of the Monongahela motivates me to do something. I decided to clean the entire house and that included vacuuming Gansey’s favorite toy, Chikin.

My mom and her cousins visited for a little while and got the house tour (at least the first floor) and my mom then picked out the sweater she would like for her Russia trip in October. I’ve decided to use Berroco Vintage Worsted in Cracked Pepper colorway.

I then decided to go to the Indian Bazaar to get some spices and items to make Palak Paneer. I came home and made it and took lots of photos of the process. I am fascinated by spices and how they can change a meal instantly.

Then, I went on my “long” run of the week. For some reason, morning runs just aren’t working for me. I started my run at about 6:40 with my new water pack which I’m sure looks super cool on me. I also downloaded an app called NIKE GPS and here’s the shocker of the century- Nike says I ran 4 miles with an average speed of 9:49 per mile. UMMMM exsqueeze me? Baking powder? I think I have literally been miscalculating my runs for a long while. Either that or the Nike satellite was malfunctioning.

I came home, ate my palak paneer (which, sadly, wasn’t that awesome) and then watched the Nats and did some ravelry research for my next sweater, which will be this…

in Madelinetosh Vintage

with really cool mustard yellow wood buttons.

But now I have a bit of a headachey cold and I’m relaxing. It’s a good thing I got a lot done yesterday because I didn’t get much done today.


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