Portland visit

I seriously could not stop thinking about all the Quince yarn at KnitWit and the few items I needed from Portland Fiber Gallery. Therefore, this morning I decided to hop over to town with Ganz to get these errands done while Erin was sleeping in.

We raced to the 9:15 boat only to find it was a 9:45 boat. Nice. We then chilled on the wharf while Ganz barked at random people.

Finally we got to town and indulged in a yarn purchase. Here are photos of KnitWit. This is literally the only shop that carries Quince. I’ve never actually seen this yarn in person. Also, there is a Quince color called Peaks Ferry. Here is the owner, Susie, who lives on Peaks, and the beautiful Quince behind her.

And here, we have a fully stocked needle bar! Love it.

Ringing up my purchase: 6 skeins chickadee- 5 birds egg, 1 gold finch; 2 skeins lark in colorway Peaks Ferry.

A huge thank you to Susie for allowing Gansey to come into the shop!

We then walked twenty yards to the fiber shop. We encountered these dudes and their awesome Maine tattoos. They asked if I was a cop, and said no, I’m a knitblogger. Turns out the guy on the right has a blog as well and it’s good. Added to reader:  http://journalator.net/

flickr link here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ecareydesigns/5914190970/

Question to Mario: Does Peaks Island appear on the Maine tattoo?

The inside of the Fiber Gallery with Annie the dog (yes, Ganz barked at her, too). Thank you to these folks for letting Ganz come in!

Cute felted items- I especially love the hedgehogs.

I got some merino roving, some undyed merino roving (for the Fifth Maine wheel exhibit), a driveband for the same wheel, and some wheel oil. This place is really great and they actually rent wheels and looms to people. It’s such a great resource for textile folks in southern Maine.

OK, that’s enough for today’s post. I’ll leave you with another pic from Peaks.


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