Finally on a soda bed in a hotel room

The drive was not boring due to these things:
1. Gansey bathroom emergency on 84 forcing me to pull over. She then jumped out of the car with her dog seatbelt still attached. This will be referred to as attempted hanging #1.

2. Stopping for lunch at 3 pm at the most disgusting subway/gas station ive ever encountered. At this venue, it was evident that Ganz gas an ear issue that required the christening of the first aid kit my dad gave me for Xmas and told me to put it in my car. He was so right.

3. Traffic before, during, and after Hartford, COnnecticut that made us about 1 more hour behind schedule.

4. A few sprinkles which allowed me to use my newly repaired $273.00 windshield wiper motor. Ahh, heaven.

5. Starbucks run around 7 pm when Ganz jumped out of the car and hung herself for the second time by the still attached dog seatbelt.

6. Booking of hotel from road with assistance from my dearest mum.

7. Finding of said hotel turned out to be quite difficult. We could see it, we just couldnt find the road to get to it.

8. Arrival at hotel and attempted bike removal from rack so it is safe in hotel room. 20 minutes later, done.

9. Hotel room about 80 degrees. Switched rooms.

10. Now on sofa bed with a tired spoiled dog with very clean ears.


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