Amelia Makes Art- felted dog sculptures

Aya and friends

My aunt stumbled across this website and I think it’s just so adorable. I might need to order a Gansey sculpture with a tennis ball (I love how in the above pictures, there is even a sculpture of the stuffed animals the dogs have with them!) but I can’t figure out how much these cost. I think I will email her.

This one looks kind of like Gansey!

 Look at this “happy client photo”!

2 thoughts on “Amelia Makes Art- felted dog sculptures

  1. Hi – Debbie again. Yes I am local and I would love to get together sometime to stash dive. I know you are on vacation soon and I’ll be doing some day trips here and there for college orientations, etc. so no rush.
    If your ears were burning on Tuesday night, it’s because your name came up at the William and Mary alumni picnic at Ashlawn. Virginia C. mentioned your name in relation to event planning and being THE person to talk to at Newcomb — and I chimed in with how much I enjoy your blog : ).
    You can pm me on Rav (I think we are friends? Debbie4) or my personal email.


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