What I plan on doing on Peaks Island

1. Running in my Brooks sneaks that I really need to get two more months out of before buying another pair.

I need to do some speedwork. Shuffling not allowed in a half marathon.

2. 30 Day Shredding

I did Level 2 this morning and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. When the music started and it was way faster than Level 1, I knew it was going to be harder. My fave part of this work out: abs. I like ab work because it’s not cardio. Cardio has always been hard for me. Gansey did not bark during jumping jacks or come to see what was wrong when I got down for abs. We are making progress.

3. Make progress on the two books that I have been trying to finish for a long while.

Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born

4. Knit a few stitches on one or both of these.

Last year I took two spinning wheels, this year I’m leaning towards not taking one. But then, invariably, I’ll get onto Peaks with the urge to spin and then I’ll kick myself.

5. Eat healthy and drink no alcohol. I’ve never been a drinker, but I like the taste of beer. Now that I am training, I’m done with beer for a long while. All it does is dehydrate me and cause headaches. Seltzer water and regular water will be it for me. I’m going to put together, a la extreme couponers, an excel list of groceries so that when we get to Portland (I’m picking up Erin of Italy ’09 and Peaks ’10 fame) we can just grab what we need and then head to the ferry. I am picturing long lines at the ferry before July 4th weekend.


4 thoughts on “What I plan on doing on Peaks Island

  1. Hi – I haven’t read your blog in a while, did I miss out on all the destashing yarns? I assume you were the donor at the Panera Knit Knite? If you have anything left to share, especially small amounts of sock yarn that might work for an Albers Cowl section, please let me know. Also 100 yds of worsted for Maine Morning Mitts. . .

  2. My favorite colors are in the purple/blue/teal spectrum but I also have a “need” to make a few items in William and Mary and UVA colors for this fall (can you guess that I’ll have kids at those two schools in a few months?? ). As I mentioned, I am planning on several Albers Cowls for Christmas presents –it calls for 7 different colors of fingering weight — I have a lot of Claudia bought for the purpose but the bleeding colors are giving me a fit!
    I have been stocking up as I find yarn on sale here and there, hoping to make this a stashbusting, budget friendly Christmas!

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