The spending fast vs. the spending diet

I have always loved spending money, especially my parents’ money, which is awful. I never knew that saving was important. My parents gave me whatever I wanted.

Now that I am funding this entire shebang, I can’t afford everything that I want and the feeling of having cash in the bank is way better than having tons of cool things like flat screens and computers and chic clothes. I do  have a flat screen and an old computer and some great clothes for work that my mother buys me for my birthday every year. Thankfully, the thought of going shopping for clothes is stressful for me. Money spending used to be fun and thrilling and now it makes me panic.

But, that’s only if it’s in large amounts. This camera I just bought (and returned after major guilt, panic, and dissapointment in the photo quality) was $250. That was hard to handle, but five $50 purchases are perfectly fine. Hmm, doesn’t make sense.

So, I’m going to do a spending diet.

Here is a list of my needs:

  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Doctor co-pays
  • Medicine
  • Gas

Non-Needs- $200/month to spend on whatever I want that is not in the above list. Once I hit $200, I am done for the month. This does not carry over month to month.

What I’m NOT spending money on:

  • Eating out (farewell Arch’s…it’s been nice knowing you, even though your hot fudge still stinks)
  • Alcohol (I had one beer two weeks ago. I’m just not interested anymore.)

 GOALS: Pay off credit card by end of year and start savings account.


3 thoughts on “The spending fast vs. the spending diet

  1. I went on a spending diet a year ago and have all but one credit card paid off…and it will be a zero balance by the middle of July. It feels soooooo good! Do it and Tia ever your finances instead of letting the CC companies rule you! It actually is easier than you think. This card would be paid off but I had two major vet bills in the past two months for the Goldens. Sorry to read about you and T. Maybe some time apart will be a plus. Take care of yourself.

  2. hang in E…this to will pass…which is what Peter and I have been saying this morning as we watch the execution of the tulip poplar on the West Lawn. I’ve been in tears over this senseless loss of a fine…and HEALTHY…old tree. Its only fault was being too close to the big house.

  3. HI!

    I met you last night at Panera. Would love to come by some time to see your yarn stash you were telling me about. When would be a good time?

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