Weekend summary

1. Time trial at high school track in preparation for half marathon training. Note: when someone sits at track with a stop watch timing your every lap, you go faster. I finished with 2 miles in 22:55 but 40 seconds of that was water breaks. As T says, I will “crush that” in the Fall if  I stick to the training.

2. Frontier Culture Museum- detailed review and photos to come shortly.

3. Veggie burger bowl at Boylan Heights. Must find quinoa veggie burger recipe so I can make at home.

4. 3 mile run with Ganz. Worked hard.

5. Met Whitknits and looked at her online yarn shop stock! Dream in Color, more Noro than I’ve ever seen, anywhere (Stitches and TNNA included), ShiBui (colors are amazing), Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh…and lots more.  I left with a list of what I wanted so I can now research exact quantities. Whitknits is a celebrity in my mind. Lots of published patterns such as the Ocean City Shawlette

and lots of sock patterns that look like even I might want to knit them (and when it comes to socks, if I want to knit them, they are either very functional or very cool). And to top it off, she has a future pattern in the Twist Collective. So cool. I was like Wayne and Garth “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” and she was like Alice Cooper.

6. Napped a few too many times. Napping feels so good at first, and then when I wake up I am itchy and groggy and cranky.  Need to keep some caffeine around the house.

7. Watched UVa baseball and lacrosse. Also learned from T that lacrosse was a native american sport. Why did I think lacrosse was invented by preppy white dudes? Interesting article here.

8. Knitted some more of a toy for Miles. Hopefully will be able to deliver it tomorrow.

9. Did a few crosswords. The best way of relaxing, ever.


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