Doily is done!


Yes, it still needs to be starched and ends cut, but Miss Pat is going to do that because if I see this thing in my house again, I might burst into tears out of frustration. This took about 30 times longer than I thought it would. Each pansy took 26 minutes and there are 16. The lace part of the doily probably took me 20 hours in total. How did/do people ever crochet table cloths out of size 10 crochet thread and a hook that is about one tenth the size of my pinky finger?

Yes, I did it, and I completed it, but I think it raised my blood pressure and I am so relieved that it is out of my life.

But, I made Pat really happy. Her late sister used to make these all the time so this is really special for Pat. I am glad that I could make her happy, and even though it was a frustrating experience for me (being an amateur at something is not easy for me) I completed it and now I can move on.



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