Lots to do

1. Half marathon training. Last night was the intro meeting and I am pretty worried that I am the slowest one. Could I possibly run a half marathon with 11 1/2 minute miles the entire way? Well, that just might be my goal. I’m also pretty sure that most people I tell think I’m going to drop out of the training. Unless I get injured, I’m finishing this darn thing…but maybe when the race directors are shutting down the course…

Currently, this is the plan. Richmond on November 12th. I thought about Portland, Maine in October but I think training for a race in one climate and running it in another on unfamiliar roads is an issue. But, who knows, maybe I’ll just go for it and fly up. It would be a heck of a lot prettier than Richmond.

2. I saw this book randomly on a blog this morning and the sweaters look gorgeous. Pretty sure my mother needs one asap.

This one would be for me.

3. Margaret and I are trying to start a Charlottesville Spinning Guild. I don’t spin enough at home by myself. It’s much more fun to spin with other people you can gossip with. Spinning wheel gossip is the best kind! I’m currently looking for space around Cville to actually have the meetings in. You would be shocked at how much space 30 people and their wheels takes up.

4. My bf is pretty cool to have rebricked my walkway after almost a year of disarray. He is smart and handy. Very nice. Of course I documented every step of the way here. Now I need to put down 4 bags of topsoil and plant some sort of flower. I have no clue what I am doing but I think Peggy might be able to assist me on this one.


5 thoughts on “Lots to do

  1. Way to go with the running! At 11-11:30 mile you will be nowhere near the slowest runner on the course. I did the RMRS training program a couple of times at around that pace, and always had a buddy to run with. 🙂 It’s a great program and Mark is wonderful. You can do it!

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