“It’s Friday, we ain’t got (beep) to do…”

Just kidding, I have a lot to do, but I like to quote Friday on fridays…

It’s also payday, which means I get to treat myself a little bit, but it also means I get to pay a ton of bills, which is anxiety inducing.

I just pre-ordered Ysolda’s book Little Red in the City. (Ysolda, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this photo so I can put a plug in for your book. Please don’t write me a mean email:))

I can’t believe it’s 264 pages long! Good lord, woman! But really, Ysolda is such an overachiever and she is so incredibly brilliant. She visited us a few years ago and she stayed in the house on Peaks which then led her to name a pattern Peaks Island Hood.

Here is the one I made for my mom for a trip to Poland that is lined with fleece…modeled on the fabulous MC…

I like to think that I had a hand in her creative time that year, but really, she would have been creative anywhere, so I just provided her with a free place to stay in Maine.

Little Red looks awesome. I dont know if I’ll make any of the sweaters, but I definitely want to read through the fitting section and the photography and drawings look great.

 Also, in internet shopping news, I ordered the following used books and I’m looking forward to the packages.

 Spinning in the Old Way

Textiles in America

Textiles in America 1650-1870: A Dictionary Based on Original Documents, Prints and Paintings, Commercial Records, American Merchants' Papers, Shopk (Winterthur/Barra Book)

The Ladies’ Work Table

The Ladies' Work Table: Domestic Needlework in Nineteenth-Century America

 I am looking forward to NOT crocheting a pansy doily. Thank God, I am finishing it today at lunch, and crocheting pansies will be on hiatus.


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