Wedding images

Why have I not been totally obsessed with the wedding of the century? I had massive volumes of British History and actual posters on my wall of the monarchy lines (yes, in college…I wasn’t exactly the party animal but at least I was smart!)

Well, this morning at 3 AM I awoke thinking about the wedding. I didn’t turn on the TV until 7 AM when I saw the view of Westminster Abbey that reminded me of this. I was taken aback at the image of this traditional dress on this tiny woman standing on the altar.

Yes, I realize this is Napoleon crowning Josephine, but still, it was so similar to me. Maybe this was what I was really thinking of…

 This photograph takes the job away from the painters…

I was not aware that the audience was not facing the couple. I bet there were a lot of sore necks afterwards.

 Link to Victoria: The bouquet contained lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, Sweet William blooms and a stem of myrtle from a bush Queen Victoria planted in 1845. Since then, all the royal brides in the queen’s family have carried a sprig in their bouquet.

Kate Middleton's royal wedding style

I like this google image today because it makes London look so medieval even though to me, it might as well be New York City!

The Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton

Anyhoo, not obsessed with the wedding, but really fascinated by the tradition of it all. Did anyone else think “what if someone tries to shoot them?” when they were in the open top carriage? Yes, I always think the worst, but hope for the best, and I hope that they are now in their pyjamas doing a crossword and relaxing after what must have been an exhausting day.


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