Good things on a Friday

1. I have a cool boyfriend who is going to get me yarn from Art Fibers in San Fransisco this weekend. He is out there seeing Dark Star Orchestra three nights in a row. He doesn’t drink or smoke, for those of you who thought what I thought when he told me he is a Dead Head. I am so excited that he is going to get me yarn that I have called the shop, ordered, and paid so that he can just walk in, say hi, pick up the bag for the crazed knitter girlfriend, and move on to his next destination on his rented mountain bike.

3. Wool Days at the Frontier Culture Museum are coming up. April 20-23. This means I need to take a day off of work to go visit some new lambs and watch some shearing.

Who could resist this little guy!?

Also, check out this cool article based on this poster…

Keep Calm poster


One thought on “Good things on a Friday

  1. any time you want me to get you some yarn in SF, just let me know. i love shopping for other people — all the excitement of picking stuff out, no money spent, no more stashing to feel guilty about (although i’ve been continuing to work on that on my own — hello 8 skeins of cascade eco-wool from the webs sale!)

    the mohawk hat is awesome.

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