Bib First Name Last Name Age Gender City State Country 5k Split Clock Time Net Time Place Gender Place Div Place Division
PC29661 ELIZABETH CAREY 31 F CHARLOTTESVILLE VA   00:37:39 02:09:19 01:14:49 19694 9894 1465 WOMEN — 30 THROUGH 34

Start of race= Happy

E's Start

End of race= Relieved
E's Finish

After race= Very Happy

E post race- iphone

E, Jane and Todd Post-Race

E and Trav Post-Race

All in all, a really fun experience and it was awesome to run with Jane.

E and Jane at the Start

It was also fun to  be on the VCU bandwagon and I still think Shaka is awesome even though they lost last night. I would say at least 50% of runners were representing with some sort of VCU piece of clothing.


3 thoughts on “10K: CHECK

  1. way to go E…you look great. I can’t figure out what your total time was…all the numbers run together….were you sore?

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